Company Overview

Fortemedia, Inc.

Fortemedia, Inc., headquartered in the US Silicon Valley and with global operations and offices in Asia, focuses on developing high quality solutions and semiconductor products that provide advanced voice processing technologies to enhance human-to-human and human-to-machine voice communication efficiencies.

Well recognized as a technology leader, Fortemedia's ASIC devices and solutions with advanced voice processing technologies, SAM, SAMSoft®, and ForteVoice®, have all been widely deployed in numerous commercial systems, devices, and applications. As of today, Fortemedia has filed for more than 200 patents worldwide and has over 75 patents issued.

Product - iSAM Business Model

Fortemedia offers a full range of options to improve voice interface solutions, which we call the iSAM business model or iSAM business solution. iSAM is short for intelligent Small Array Microphone. This integrated solution consists of voice processing technology, a voice solution Emulator (test bench), Smart Microphone Processor (SMP), and Small Array Microphone (SAM).

Fortemedia products help you to Listen and Sound Better. Anywhere!

  • Voice Processing IC and Technology

  • Application-specific performance optimization

  • For Mobiles, Automotives, Conferencing, Smart-TV

  • Focused Research and Development

  • Strong patent portfolio

  • Industrial standards and testing compliant

  • Domain expertise in acoustics and digital speech processing

  • Emphasized integration and tuning support

Conflict Minerals Policy

To select supplier only with conflict minerals free policy for new devices. To ensure existing supplier compliant with conflict minerals free policy. Or, will not build new device at the supplier until corrected.