Small Array Microphone

Category: Small Array Microphone
Application: Mobile


Fortemedia’s FL123 is dual microphone coder (DMC) used as a companion chip for Fortemedia voice processors. It consists of microphone preamplifiers, anti-aliasing filters, delta-sigma ADCs, and an internal regulator to support wide power supply range. Two analog microphone signals can be digitized through FL123 with PDM (Pulse-Density-Modulation) output to provide standard digital microphone outputs as expected by most voice processing devices. Ear phone microphone input application is also supported.

FL123 is offered in a small 0.975x2.2mm² WLCSP package to take minimal space on a PCB. It exhibits RFI/EMI immunity and provides good ESD protection.


  • Support analog microphone array

  • Highly integrated with preamplifiers, anti-aliasing filters and delta sigma modulators

  • Support digital PDM output for high immunity of RF noises

  • Ear Phone microphone input

  • PDM interface clocks from 1.024 to 3.6MHz

  • Double edged data transfer over PDM

  • 10-pin 0.975x2.2 mm² WLCSP package