Embedded solution for SOC and Codec

Category: Voice Processor
Application: Mobile, Consumer and IoT, Automotive


iS700 Product Overview
iS700 is an embedded software package that can run on virtually any mobile platform to deliver advanced voice processing capabilities for the device. The iS700 product is based upon Fortemedia’s Advanced Microphone Array Processing (AMAP) technology, a hybrid voice processing system that combines spatial filtering, source separation and adaptive statistical signal processing to deliver advanced voice and audio capabilities to consumer electronic devices. The iS7000 product is primarily tailored for use in hand-held devices such as cell phones and tablets.

Summary of Benefits

  • Provides high quality voice communication in noisy environments

  • Allows voice recognition applications to be used virtually anywhere

  • Provides advanced multi-media audio capture applications

  • Fully compliant with all major wireless operators standards for easy device certification

  • Available on multiple Application Processors and Audio Codecs

Embedded Platforms Supported

Application Processor Audio Codec DSP Cores
Qualcomm(MSM Series) Realtek Tensilica
Intel Cirrus Logic Qualcomm Hexagon
ARM Yamaha


Advanced Voice Processing

  • Ambient Noise Suppression
    - Handset and Hands free modes
    - Support for multiple microphone arrays: 2, 3, 4 and more
    - Compliant with all wireless operator standards

  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation
    - Single & Multi-Channel Echo Cancellation
    - Compatible with Smart Audio Power Amplifiers

  • Wind Noise Suppression

  • Bright Voice Enhancement

  • Receive Bandwidth Expansion

Voice Recognition Improvement

  • Far Field Pick-up

  • Recognition Rate improvement in noisy conditions

  • Suitable for embedded and cloud based voice recognition systems

Multi-media Voice Processing

  • Multi-Speaker Voice Conferencing

  • Dual Beam Voice Recording with Ambient Noise Suppression