Small Array Microphone

Category: Small Array Microphone
Application: Mobile, Consumer and IoT, Automotive


The SAM100 is a small array microphone (SAM) which includes two digital CMOS MEMS microphone units. Each microphone unit uses CMOS foundry process technology to integrate two acoustic transducers and two digital sigma delta modulator (SDM) circuits into a single chip which eliminates the need for inter-die wire bonds to achieve a smaller and more reliable microphone unit. As a result of monolithic solution for each microphone unit and multi-unit package, the tiny SAM100 is ideal for use in many compact portable consumer electronic devices such as cellular phone, headset and other space limited applications

SAM100 is offered in a small 0.975x2.2mm² WLCSP package to take minimal space on a PCB. It exhibits RFI/EMI immunity and provides good ESD protection.


  • High performance dual digital CMOS MEMS microphone array

  • Two sound inlets separated at 4mm apart, the effective separation can be extended to 10mm by rubber boot

  • SAM housing with rubber boot can support full Bandwidth to 20kHz

  • Airtight (acoustic isolation) between two microphones > 30dB

  • Phase matching < 0.1 sample delay @ 32KHz sample rate

  • Increase 3dB in SNR comparing to one single microphone

  • Small area with a footprint of only 11.69mm2

  • Miniature dimension of 5.55mm x 2.12mm x 1.00mm